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Status: 05/15/2022 01:01 AM

with the address “Stefania” wins the Ukrainian band The Kalush Orchestra at the 66th Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy.

Second place goes Sam Ryder from Great Britain with “Space Man” followed by the Swede Cornelia Jacobs is dead “Hold me closer.” German candidate Malik Harris received no points from the jury and only six from the audience. With it goes down with “Rockstars” is in last place.

Placement in ESC Final 2022

01. Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra | Stefania, 631 points
02. Great Britain: Sam Ryder | “Space Man” 466 points
03. Spain: Chanel | “SloMo” 459 points
04. Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs | “Hold Me Closer” 438 points
05. Serbia: Konstrakta | V Corp Sano 312 points
06. Italy: Mahmoud and Blanco | Privedi 268 points
07. Vltava: Zdoub, Zdoub and Advahov Brothers | “Train” 253 points
08. GREECE: Amanda Georgiadi Tinfuord | “We Die Together” 215 points
09. Portugal: March | “Longing, longing”, 207 Punkte
10. Norway: Subwoofer | “Give that wolf a banana” 182 points
11. Netherlands: S10 | “Deep Dept” 171 points
12. Poland: Ochman | “River”, 151 points
13. Estonia: Stefan | “Hope” 141 points
14. Lithuania: Monica Liu | Feelings, paragraph 128
15. Australia: Sheldon Riley | “Not the same” 125 Punkte
16. Azerbaijan: Nader Rostamli | “Fade To Black” 106 points
17. Switzerland: Marius Behr | “Boys du Peki” 78 points
18. Romania: WRS | “Call Me” 65 Punkte
19. Belgium: Jeremy Mackenzie | “I Miss You” 64 points
20. Armenia: Rosa Lynn | Snap, 61 points
21. Finland: The Rasmus | Jezebel 38 points
22. Czech Republic: We Are Domi | “Anwar” 38 points
23. Iceland: Sister | “With the sunrise”, 20 jokes
24. France: Alvan & Ahez | “Volin” 17 points
25. Germany: Malik Harris | “Rockstars” 6 points

The final match of the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Turin, Italy under the theme “Voice of Beauty”. Moderated by Laura Bossini, Alessandro Cattelan and Mica.

Måneskin as a cut-off in the ESC final

Manskin, the Italian winner in 2021, appeared in the final.

When the winners last year from Rotterdam Måneskin will be there again this year: as a breakout act during the voting stage with their new song “Supermodel” and a little Elvis cover. Gigliola Sinchetti was also on stage with her ESC Award winning song “Non ho l’età”. In 1964 she became the first Italian participant to win the Eurovision Song Contest. Coordinators Laura Pausini and Mika concluded the break program with medals.

German jury awards Great Britain 12 points

German Economic and Social Council 2022 Jury: Jessica Schön, Michel, Max Geisinger, Christian Prost and Tokonpo (from left to right) © Editing: Felix Rachor/Sebastian Reimold/Anelia Janeva/Christoph Koestlin/Anne de Wolf

The jury awards half of the German points.

As the national jury, Michel, Max Geisinger, Jess Schön, Tokonpo and Christian Prost awarded half of the German points. Its twelve points went to the candidate of Great Britain Sam Ryder.
Unlike the television audience, the ESC jury does not evaluate performances during the show, but rather evaluates the second performance of the shows the previous evening. Jury members from all countries see the so-called final jury finale in a private, non-public broadcast. Television broadcast results for viewers in ESC from all countries are evaluated together and – unlike jury evaluations – are not made public individually. Detailed points for juries will be posted soon.

Additional information

Chanel (Spain) with

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Participants are from France and Greece.  (montage) © Photo: Corinne Cumming

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