‘They’ve hardly spoken to each other for months’: Pécresse-Ciotti, the underside of a tense presidential campaign


Chemistry House in Paris. Sunday, April 10, the evening of the first – and only – round of the presidential election for Valerie Pecres. 6 pm Mass is said. The first surveys jump from smartphone to smartphone. And if they had no more illusions about their qualifications, the Republicans would understand, as a coup of honor, that a declared defeat would really be a humiliation.

In the great room of this Parisian palace, the atmosphere of “a first-class burial”, there are more journalists than activists. The close guard of the LR candidate began to arrive. Hastily, barriers were set up to prevent the press from approaching. Heading down, masking their noses, one by one, the barons rush through a hidden door.

In TF1, not election night

There’s Gerard Larcher and Damien Abad…or even Julian Ober, the rare elected official who agreed to stutter with a few words in front of a forest of microphones. “LR is really in mortal danger”, Whistles, among others, Vaucluse deputy. There are also the unsuccessful candidates for the primaries in LR, Christian Jacob, Michel Barnier, Philippe Goffin.

Is there one missing? But where is Eric Siotti?

The Alpine deputy Maritimes, who came first ahead of Pecresce, in the first round of the internal elections in December, did not stay in his stronghold in Nice. Ciotti in Paris, within the TF1 group. Where he conjures, from 8:15 p.m., even before the announcement of the non-winning candidate “A cruel defeat… a slap… a historic defeat… a campaign that did not succeed either in terms of merit or in the match between the candidate and the people of France.”. Not a word to defend the person who campaigned for months. In all the pictures. of all trips. In the front row at all the big meetings…at least at first.

‘Deep disagreements’

“The piece of cloth is burning between Pekris and Syoti. It’s not from today. They’ve rarely spoken to each other in months.”, illuminates a relative of elected officials. Lunchtime “stuffed with pictures” at the Petite Maison in Nice, on December 6, the campaign launch space in Saint-Martin-Vésubie In the aftermath, already, the divorce was almost complete.

“From the beginning, they had a deep disagreement about what topics to highlight. Valerie won, but Ciotti didn’t leave her any air, and didn’t let her take her marks arguing that he had won the battle of ideas in our first preliminary round. It affected us. Perhaps it was Ciotti. Right, but Valery was not ready for this campaign. ” Analyzes the Republican participant in the presidential election. Ciotti, an overly penetrating loyalty?

Cavilon, the beginning of the end

On January 8, the Cavaillon meeting marks the beginning of the end. Valérie Pécresse turns down Alpes-Maritimes deputy for a place on her side on the podium. “Ciotti exploded. He threatened to leave the campaign. Valérie Pécresse ended up giving up because she really didn’t need to.”, reveals an LR team from the Riviera. from there, “Siotti went alone, went to his side, under the pretext of presidential elections, and held public meetings. But in reality, he was in the aftermath”, Blows a relative of the candidate and his deputy.

Next shot? “Long before anyone else, Ciotti realized it was dead to Republicans, once again. His sole purpose in the campaign was to make himself known in order to position himself to take back control of the party,” Add this source. Eric Ciutti plans to replace Christian Jacob at the helm of LR Thought, hardly iron, republican. who reaches ‘A very tense meeting’ At La Fabrique, the headquarters of the Parisian campaign of Becresse was inaugurated on January 4. That was before meeting Zenith. “On that day, many tried to convince Eric Ciotti that he should back down. It wasn’t his presidential election.” puff: “However, in hindsight, I think I’m not the only one, that Ciotti would have been a better candidate than Pécresse.”

‘Our relationship matters to us’

Eric Ciotti does not want to talk about his relationship with the candidate. she “We care”, The deputy responds. And if you give up “Having, of course, divergent analyzes on the merits” With Becris, he “It completely contradicts some of the recent accounts published in the press.” and concludes: “I fought faithfully at more than 50 meetings all over France.”

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