The Sancock family on the death of their son: We don’t know what happened


From left: Representative David Sancock, coffin of his son and wife of David Helen Sancock. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

At the age of 15, Mimosi Hilary Sancock was “better to die suddenly,” his family says.

So far, the teen’s parents, David Sancock and Helen Siyanui-Sancock, say they don’t really know what triggered his alleged suicidal ideation.

Mimosi died of a single bullet to the head on May 2, 2022 at his parents’ home, Iwasu Nero, in the Narok Southern Sub-Province. Authorities are investigating a possible suicide.

The teenager allegedly used his father’s gun to commit suicide.

David Sancock during the burial of his son Mimossi Sancock on May 14, 2022. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

Mimossi was buried on Saturday 14 May at his parental home Narok.

His eulogy painted the portrait of a young boy who spent his life in order, effortlessly balancing humor with responsibility.

“The first enduring trait of Memusi, which no one who knows him will ever forget, is his gentle sense of humor. He said his eulogy, which he recited while he was buried.”

“He was effortlessly spreading laughter and joy. At home, any time Memusi walked in, we all knew we’d be smiling, no matter what happened. And that was Memusi’s second most memorable thing: his smile. He smiles easily and frequently, exuding warmth and mischief.” Depending on the occasion, he forces anyone around him to smile. He was a happy soul.”

The boy’s parents also praised Memusi as a responsible child who knows when and how to be assertive.

Mimosi Sankok, 15, died on May 2, 2022. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

“Another enduring character of Memusi that we will never forget as a family, is his strong and unwavering sense of responsibility. People outside of the family may not have been aware of this, but within the family we all knew we could count on Memusi, especially his brothers. We all knew that if there was any Something needs to be done, Memusi will do it. If anything needs to be said, Memusi will say it.”

The family acknowledges that different people view Memusi differently; Based on their own prejudices, but for them the teenager was the ideal son, whose death still confuses them.

“It was, of course, many other things for every member of our family. Each of us, Mom, Dad, Nassarian, Lidama, Simmayo, Mitkini, Sanari, Sentalu; each of us had our own relationship with Memusi, our special moments with him, our own memories. Which we will always carry in our hearts.

“It is the memory of Memusi that makes it so difficult for us as a family to understand this moment. It is strange, unreal and unbelievable that Memusi will no longer be with us. It will take us so long. If ever, to come to terms with his death.”

“He was our family’s unique source of laughter and a cheerful, lively person with a ready smile and funny jokes; a young man who loved giving speeches and quotes and loved writing stories. He was so lively, so likable, and so much a part of us. He was better than dying suddenly. He was too young to die on the launch”.

Mimosi, the fourth child born into a family of seven siblings, turned 16 on May 28 this year.

Hilary Mimosi was the fourth born to David and Helen Sancock. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

By the time of his death, he was scheduled to join the third model at Kericho High School.

Several reports have claimed that disagreements between parent and child could lead Memusi to his death. that has not yet been established.

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