The Hotel of the Famous: Locho Loccisano and the new Majo Martino will be eliminated


at The View HotelAnd The new excluded will be decided between Locho Loccisano and Majo Martíno. In the last episode of the reality show, the name of the two menaced of the week is known, and one of them must leave the competition. Those selected by their peers are the notero and the journalist, who will have to compete in a challenge that will determine their future in the competition.

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I don’t like Locho’s presence because we are so different physically. It’s very clear that ‘family’ makes things very clear‘,” Mago began by saying, grumbling about the group of participants led by Chanchi Estevez, who would be responsible for eliminating those who are not part of it.

Later, Locho joined the discussion by saying: “H is not physically equalized. There is obviously a mental problem, but it’s all physical“.

Next, Martin Salway intervened in the discussion saying:H is an equation, because at some point the game takes both participants to the same moment. You don’t become an equalizer by taking a woman, because Melody (almonds) He won the guest duel several times, Sabri (oak) He has won many times and had a better time than Alex (Kanegia) who is the best competitor so far. I’ve played Melody a few times and she always hits me. It’s really not critical.“.

Mago replied: “Why did they send me Silvina (Luna) saying they wanted equality?” And at that moment Chanchi replied:That was an idea we had, and in the end many said it was good“.

After that, Locho came out in defense of Silvina, and Chanchi interrupted him, saying:This is a locho contest. If you want, I’ll call my grandmother so she can compete with you“.

Martin Saloy talking about Mago Martino

Later, Chino asked Leonis Saloy about his relationship with MartinoHe was emphatic when he said:It’s not that there was a resolution, but it was like life itself, with some differences. If he leaves, it makes me more comfortable, not because he left, but because I don’t find space for dialogue here. A distance is created better than not having either one. I’d rather deepen other links than fix what I’ve lost with Majo“.

Finally, the driver wanted to know what Kanigia thought about who he thought “the family” would prefer to leave. “Do you want me to be honest with you?” I answer. “For me, they both want to go“.

However, when it was Estevez’s turn at the same point, Chanchi didn’t hesitate to say that they preferred Majo to the competition.

The Views Hotel. Photo: eltrece

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