Hulu’s psychic comedy might have a bright future

Maggie (Rebecca Rittenhouse) and Louise (Nichole Sakura) in MaggiePhoto: Liliane Lathan/Hulu “If you could gaze into the future, you might think life would be a breeze … but it’s not that easy.” We learned that from the original millennial psychic television Raven Baxter, but that sentiment may as well have come from the star of … Read more

What to watch on TV, July 3-7: Hulu’s Maggie, AMC+’s Moonhaven

Rebecca Rittenhouse in Maggie; Dominic Monaghan in MoonhavenPhoto: Richard Cartwright/Hulu; Szymon Lazewski/AMC Welcome to What’s On, our weekly picks of must-watch shows. Here’s what you need to watch from Sunday, July 3 to Thursday, July 7. All times are Eastern. [Note: The weekend edition of What’s On drops on Fridays.] The biggies Maggie (Hulu, Wednesday, … Read more

The internet really hates ‘gatekeeping,’ social media’s new go-to insult. The truth is you’re probably a gatekeeper, too.

The latest buzzy online response to disagreements is to accuse people of being “gatekeepers.” It feeds into a broader social-media trend of democratizing information, spearheaded by Gen-Z. Being a gatekeeper is just about the worst thing you can be accused of online. Every few years, the internet cycles through a new buzzy clap-back phrase that’s … Read more

They eat rocks. They’re some of the strangest living beings on the planet. They are fungi.

The fungal world is mind-bending. Mushrooms may look like plants, but taxonomically, fungi are more closely related to animals. They go inside their food to eat it and “play games with individuality,” said biologist Merlin Sheldrake, author of “Entangled Life.” One underground fungal network in Oregon Spreads over four square miles, but genetically, it’s a … Read more

The Best Sites and Apps to Track Your Books, Movies, Music, and Video Games

Photo: Christian Bertrand (Shutterstock) This week in the Guardian, writer Rachel Sigee pondered the question of why so many of us frequent sites like Goodreads and Letterboxd to log our media consumption, and came up with an answer that seems obvious in retrospect: It’s dopamine. Yes, the same addictive brain chemicals that cause our neurons … Read more

How books became fashion’s hottest trend

John Waters once wisely said, “If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t fuck ’em.” Well, if the current state of fashion’s anything to go by, he was damn well right. Reading is hot, now more than ever. While fashion often looks to wider culture for inspiration, books have become status … Read more

Report: Climate extremes could pose danger of toxic contamination along Lake Michigan shoreline

High water levels along Lake Michigan could increase the danger of toxic contamination from industrial facilities along Wisconsin’s lakefront as climate change is expected to cause more intense storms, according to a new report. The report released this month by the Environmental Law and Policy Center identified a dozen areas along Lake Michigan across four … Read more

Arrowverse Connection Revealed, New Diggle

Screenshot: The CW For all those people who still lie awake at night, eyes wide open, unable to sleep, because they still can’t figure out how the CW’s Superman & Lois fits into the larger Arrowverse, I have to assume you finally got a good night’s sleep after last night’s season two finale. Or maybe … Read more

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling Skate in Barbie Movie Set Pics

Image: Warner Bros. Bryan Fuller thinks there might be a future for more Hannibal. Chucky season 2 has found its Glen and Glenda. Plus, what’s to come in Westworld and the penultimate episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worldsplus a new clip from Ms. Marvel. Spoilers now! Night Bitch Variety reports Scoot McNairy has joined … Read more

Review: Carlo Magno’s abstracts for contemplation

Culture Today, Magno is best known for his mixed-media abstracts that employs the fullest color, line and movement, all for emotional, philosophical resonance Lito B. Zulueta | Jun 29 2022 In his post-impressionist phase, Paul Cezanne famously declared, “Pure drawing is an abstraction. Drawing and color are not distinct, everything in nature is colored.” Carlo … Read more