Sugar-free soft drinks are really unhealthy


  • sugar free Soft drinks Such as Diet Coke, Fanta Zero, Sprite Without Sugar and Co. are considered unhealthy because of the sweetener.
  • One Stady has an effect saccharinAnd sucralose And aspartame on it colon check up
  • they found it gut bacteria from a certain amount Soft drinks Penetrates the intestinal wall more easily

Are sugar-free soft drinks healthy? British research team Anglia Ruskin University He presented the results of his studies in International Journal of Molecular Sciences Before: It was found that the most commonly used artificial sweeteners Saccharin, sucralose and aspartame intestinal bacteria penetration into intestinal cells could cause.

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite: Soft drinks are unhealthy for the gut

“There is a lot Concerns about the consumption of artificial sweetenerswith some studies showing that sweeteners can affect the layer of bacteria that support the gut, known as the gut microbiota, explains lead author of the study Dr.

Previous studies have already shown this Artificial sweeteners can change the number and type of bacteria in the gut. The current research work is the first possible investigation into it Pathogenic and disease-promoting effects artificial fabrics Saccharin, sucralose and aspartame.

In particular, interactions with intestinal bacteria of type Escherichia coli (E. coli) Like Enterococcus faecalis (E. Faecalis). Sweeteners seem to be pathogenic to bacteria, that is, they provoke and can pathogenic He is.

The result of Diet Cola and Co.: the intestinal wall was particularly damaged

“Our study is the first to show that some of the most common sweeteners in foods and drinks are natural and healthy gut bacteria can make pathogens to become,” asserts Dr. Chesher. These disease-promoting changes are characterized by increased biofilm formation and increased adhesion and invasion of intestinal bacteria into human gut cells.

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particularly affected Epithelial cells in the alimentary canalThey are the cells that line the intestinal wall. The change that the sweeteners cause enables intestinal bacteria to adhere to, invade, and kill gut cells.

“These changes can allow gut bacteria to invade and damage our gut, leading to infections, sepsis And Multiorganversagen They can be linked,” the study author explains.

Even two cans of soft drinks a day are harmful

It is already known from previous studies that bacteria such as E. faecalis can overcome the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream. This is linked to a buildup of bacteria in the lymph nodes, liver and spleen, which increases the risk of developing a range of diseases, including infections and septicemia.

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Researchers have already found it two packs Diet sodas such as Diet Coke contain a concentration of sweeteners that clearly indicate the pathogenic potential of both E. coli and E. fecal. expire.

For one, it reinforced the harmful effect of sweeteners on formation of biofilms in the intestine. In such biofilms, bacteria grow faster and have a greater potential toxins On the other hand, the risk increases that pathogenic intestinal bacteria are excreted in the so-called Caco-2 . cells invadeIt is located in the intestinal wall.

Important for research into how sweeteners affect health

According to the study, all three tested sweeteners, namely saccharin, sucralose and aspartame, contained one similarly harmful effect on gut bacteria, as saccharin has no significant effect on E. coli invasion. “We know that bermiger zuckerkonsum An important factor in the development of diseases such as obesity and diabetes,” stresses Dr. Cheecher, so it is important to understand how sweeteners as sugar substitutes affect health.

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