‘Sorry’: prolific scammer speaks for ‘first and last’ time


He’s got more than 250 convictions and has at least 40 aliases, but now fraudster Wayne Eagleslum says he’s “sorry,” in what he says was his first and last interview.

The crook has become very popular over the years due to his transformation Five bedroom house In Backpacker, it hosts up to 28 people per day, He claims to be a millionaire Shortly before faking his death, going on a criminal wave covering the countryStaying in flash hotels pretending to be a priest and a doctor.

he is Imprisonment for two years and three months In October 2018 after a things The investigation revealed that he was running a company, although he was denied the position of director.

After his release, he was spotted in Spain showing off Large sums of money for men to have sex under the name Friedrich Freiherr Von Thyssen. Recently, he appeared in Turkey and Bangkok under the name Alex Neumann, claiming to be a German citizen with $90 million worth of bitcoins.


Wayne Eaglesom was imprisoned in 2018 after a series of fictional scams and scams. (The video was first published in May 2019).

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things He has reached out to Eaglesome, who is also a convicted sex offender, for comment several times in the past six years. In January 2018, he said he would “never give an interview” to this journalist.

“This will never happen.”

on Saturday, things He tried to contact the scammer on a phone he was using while in Turkey. Then he texted him to say he had an upcoming surgery and talked to him things It wasn’t “exactly a priority”.

Wayne Eaglesom, pictured recently with some backpackers in Istanbul.


Wayne Eaglesom, pictured recently with some backpackers in Istanbul.


He claims to be currently in Morocco, but will likely return to Asia soon.

“I had my stomach cut by sleeve gastrectomy and the next surgery is to change my eye color and after that I have some other surgeries.”

Eaglesome, who fled the country about a year ago, after being accused Violation of the terms of his releaseHe says he will “never come back”.

He claimed he was “live on cryptocurrency” that he collected between 2008-2018.

In his sentencing in 2018, Eaglezoom’s lawyer said the fraudster believed he was able to recoup $30,000 once he got out of prison because he had access to cryptocurrency that he could cash in upon his release.

Konman and convicted sex offender Wayne Eagleslum appeared in Spain, offering people €20,000 for “full service”.

He says the 33 bitcoins he owned at the time were worth about NZ$3,000 each, which is now worth about $47,000 which means he had about $1.5 million in cryptocurrency.

“Thank God the judge decided not to make an exception for him” (sic).

When asked if he felt sorry for the people he cheated on, he initially said “I may have been cheating about my identity, but that’s not a crime.”

things Send him links to stories detailing his many crimes. He said offering men money for sex was not a crime, and challenged the man’s allegations.

“What I will say is that no charges have been substantiated against me in any jurisdiction.

“No jurisdiction has brought criminal charges or contacted me in connection with any criminal offence.”

However, he has something to say regarding his criminal offenses in New Zealand.

Wayne Eagles Goes Now by Alex Newman.


Wayne Eagles Goes Now by Alex Newman.

“With regard to the past, I am truly sorry for my earlier delusion and I am sorry for any and all negative effects I have had on those affected.

“If I could get it all back, I would get it back.”

When asked how anyone could trust his apology given his history of fraud, Eaglesume said he was “grateful” to anyone before his alleged remorse.

“I make no demands and have no expectations from anyone who feels I have wronged them.

“My apologies. Whether they accept it or not is up to them.”

He claimed he had a “core group of people” who knew all about his criminal past.

“These are the friendships that I value most and with these seven people I can be myself.”

Wayne Eaglesom has claimed over the years to be a doctor, priest, and millionaire who faked his own death.

John Kirk Anderson/Staff

Wayne Eaglesom has claimed over the years to be a doctor, priest, and millionaire who faked his own death.

He declined to answer several questions including fake names and lies about his identity, why he left New Zealand, and what his time in prison was like.

“Goodbye and happy day,” he said. “This is the end of our conversation.”

This will be the “first and last time”, who will talk to him thingsHe said.

things Earlier he was given access to the list of Eaglesome convictions. The list shows that he was first convicted when he was 17 years old in Christchurch County Court in 1993 on several counts of theft and fraud. He was imprisoned later that same year in Nelson County Courthouse after another wave of wrongdoing.

This pattern continued over the next 10 years, and in 2003, he was imprisoned for two years after pleading guilty to 23 counts of document use, two of burglary, three of home burglary, and one of making false allegations.

Eaglezoom told his probation officer while he was visiting his family before he rejoined his partner and children in Argentina. Instead, he started a criminal spree with a luxury hotel stay in Oakland under the alias Ari Ben-Yitzhak and landed a nearly $2,000 bill.

He was arrested, released on bail, and on the run went to Wellington where he befriended a man and stole his bank card. This was followed by a series of irregularities related to bank cards.

Eaglesome came to Christchurch pretending to be Father Anthony Garibaldi, a new priest who had lost his clothes while crossing from Sydney. He managed to persuade a Catholic church to lend him a robe and robes for his ordination.

Then he went to Queenstown, where he became an English doctor, Angus Harrow, who befriended a group of tourists and stole their mobile phones while communicating with them.

Eaglesome was imprisoned again in 2006 under another name for sexual assault, indecent assault on an 18-year-old traveler, and indecent assault on another young man. While in prison, he was reprimanded for impersonating a corrections officer.

Then he was imprisoned again in 2018.

The accused of a sexual offense was released in October 2020 under conditions that lasted for six months.

Shortly before those terms expired, he was accused of breaching them after it was revealed that he had tried to rent a luxury apartment and had promised to fill it. Wealthy clients for $500 per night.

He failed to appear in court twice before fleeing the country.

His latest Instagram page, under the name Neumann, showed off a lavish lifestyle with trips to London, Berlin, Tokyo, Brussels and Barcelona.

On April 21, he uploaded a post claiming he had bought a new Mercedes for “summer 2022”.

“I just got home in Germany, and I’m excited to take her for a ride. Who wants to join me?”

Just a few days ago he posted a picture of a plane ticket.

“The Business Class Round the World Tour takes me to five countries in the next 20 days.”

New Zealand police said earlier they knew Eaglezoom was overseas, but had no further comment.

One man, many names

Eaglesome is known to have used the following aliases over the past two decades: Alex Bauer, Ari Ben Yitzhak, Bernhardt Augustus Bentinck, Alex Oliver Bergen, Wayne Blane, William Jury Conner, Wayne Drury Eaglesome, Wayne Jury Eagleson , Alekksandr Eichelbaum, Alekksandr Mikhail Eichelbaum, Alexander Miles Eichelbaum, Alexander Michael Eichelbaum, Barnaby David Gordon, Xavier Edward James Philip Grosvenor, Xavier Ignatius Grosvenor, Jordan James Halifax, William Angus Lundt Michael Lonjouerrat, Algebrau, Montaguy, Alexander Mountjoy Friedlander Neumann, Clifford James Norton, Pete Palladino, Peter Anthony Palladino, Peter Rallidino, Joseph Rose, Friedrich Freiherr von Thyssen, Lantz William, Alexander Mikhail Jurevich, Alexander Miles Jurevic, Alexander Zolton, Alexander , Alexander Zulton Zulton.

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