Snickers responds to claims they’re removing X-rated ‘veins’ from chocolate bar


The makers of Snickers have spoken out after weeks of rumours circulating about a change to the iconic snack.

The response was issued to address claims that Snickers had removed the “veins” from the top of the chocolate bar, which gained steam when a photo of a completely smooth Snickers bar went viral on Twitter.

The rippled treat had previously been deemed “X-rated” due to its resemblance to a certain veiny male appendage.

Snickers has responded to rumours that its iconic chocolate bar would be undergoing a makeover. Source: Twitter/Getty


“Good news, contrary to what’s trending on Twitter… the VEINS REMAIN!” tweeted Snickers.

Snickers fans rejoiced over the news, with thousands voicing their relief that their favorite chocolate bar would remain untouched.

Many responses to the announcement were so cheeky they had to be hidden behind a “sensitive content” warning on social media.

Snickers fans in frenzy over alleged change to chocolate bar

The widely circulated image of a smooth Snickers bar drove fans of the snack into a frenzy.

“It’s already beginning. I just bought a Snickers (my favorite treat, might I add) and it came out completely smooth. I am disgusted. I am shocked. I need to be alone right now,” read the original Tweet.

The post quickly amassed over 24,000 likes and hundreds of replies from people who thought the “woke mob” had forced Snickers to remove its phallic veins.

Although the photo of the smooth Snickers is genuine, and is likely the result of a manufacturing error, there was no truth to the rumour that future bars would be the same.

Big brand join in banter over veiny treat

Fellow confectionery brands even joined in the banter on Twitter, with Skittles and Starburst seizing the opportunity to crack a joke.

“Don’t worry. We don’t have Skittles veins. 100 per cent smooth,” joked the official Skittles account.

“This seems a little juicy for Twitter,” chimed Starburst.

Open Snickers bar wrapper with signature vein

Fellow confectionery brands joined in the banter on Twitter, with Skittles and Starburst joking about the Snickers veins. Source: Getty

Meanwhile, a man proclaiming to be a doctor clarified that the bulges in Snickers bars should actually be referred to as arteries.

“Chocolate arteries would be more accurate. Veins return depleted blood to the heart. Arteries infuse the good blood throughout the body,” explained the medical professional.

“Keep the arteries in Snickers. The medical community is with you!” he added.

Snickers rumour traced back to M&M’s ‘woke’ makeover

The origins of the Snickers rumour date back to January, when M&M’s unveiled a “woke” makeover of its six iconic characters.

The “fresh and modern” rebrand of the M&M’s mascots saw the “sexy” green M&M trading in her signature go-go boots for a pair of sneakers and the orange M&M suffering from anxiety.

Both M&M’s and Snickers are owned by Mars Incorporated, which has previously shared its “global commitment to creating a world where everyone feels they belong and society is inclusive”.

As such, many believed the smooth-looking Snickers bar was produced to avoid causing offence over its phallic shape.

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