Sabrina Carballo was touched to receive a picture of “son” of Chanchi Estévez as a gift


Sabrina Carballo turning 40 And both production and colleagues The View Hotel (gearI managed to surprise her. Chino Leunis brought him a gift and The actress couldn’t hide the tears of emotion.

following directions Gabriel Oliverithe general manager of the hotel, the staff cooked to entertain the birthday girl and had lunch in the pergola.

I read too. Sabrina Carballo celebrated her birthday and received all kinds of gifts: chewing gum, a dry plant, and a decoration..

In full celebration, Leonis appeared with a chest. Sabrina opened the gift and said with tears in her eyes: “My Romario.” Before waiting for all his comrades, he explained, “Well, the picture doesn’t favor him, but He’s my 15 year old dog, he’s blind and he’s Maxi’s son“.

Sabrina Carballo was excited to receive a gift for her birthday. (Photo: Capture ElTrece)

The actress and footballer have been a couple for four years more than a decade. It all ended with her decision, but they always assure that love is in order.

Sabrina Carballo received a letter from her friend Emilia Mazer

Along with a photo of her dog, Sabrina received a letter from her friend and “little sister” Emilia Mazer. “Beloved, friend. Sabrina from my heart All I wish for you for a lifetime is what I know you’ll want and it’s coming‘, he reads.

He continued: “You already have your reward: You are rich in love and affection, you depend on your family and friends from the family. Big sister, happy birthday, happy life, happy work. Emilia Mazer”.

The actress was affected by the fact that she was not expected from the gifts, and this was reflected in the emotion and sensitivity of being locked up and away from her emotions. “If the message was sent to me via a WhatsApp message, it would not be the same,” he emphasized.

Sabrina Carballo celebrated her birthday and received all kinds of gifts: chewing gum, a dry plant, and a decoration.

after 00, Chanchi Estevez Take her to the staff room. With the complicity of the production, the ex-football player was able to start his ex-girlfriend, as soon as his ex-girlfriend entered, “so that you forget me” to play, the theme of Luis Miguel.

I love her so muchSo, I prepared a surprise. “It’s the least he deserves,” he said, looking at the camera. He warned that he managed to get gifts despite his imprisonment.

Sabrina Carballo has been affected to receive a photo

A small pot of valuable honey inside the hotel, a little soap, chocolate and chewing gum, In case you want to kiss, ”he said. Excited and surprised, the actress hugged him.

Then the whole group sang “Happy Birthday” to him. They gave him other unusual gifts: Furniture polish spray, his soiled shorts, an ashtray, a decoration, a dry plant and a pillow. “Everything is beautiful,” he said sarcastically, pointing to the heart.

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