Refugees prefer to live in the city


In Switzerland, refugees from the Ukraine war prefer to live in big cities rather than agglomerations.

The basics in brief

  • A few weeks ago, we had a new distribution key for Ukrainian refugees.
  • SEM emphasizes that refugees often prefer to go to the city.

After fleeing the war in Ukraine, many Ukrainians prefer to live in the city. Some of them have families there, better connection with public transportation or Ordinary life is vibrant. Kristen Schraner Burgener said yes SRF– “9:50”. Schraner Burgener is the head of the State Secretariat in immigration (SEM).

“We are looking at a case-by-case basis to see if there are reasons why refugees might want to go to a particular place.” Then it is judged whether the reasons are sufficient or not.

You can see that in Bern, too. “We initially noticed a certain trend that refugees preferred to live in a city or a larger settlement.” This says Gundekar Gebel of the Department of Health and Social in Berne.

Gebel confirms: “It can be seen that the great cities of Basel, Berne and Zurich were initially very large numbers. In Switzerland one comes With public transportation Almost everywhere. The show is very good and the distances are short.”

Does the Ukraine war scare you?

There is no information available in the canton of Zurich. But in the canton of Bern, most refugees from the Ukraine war were housed in the Bernese Oberland. «There could be Many family in a short time will be created. “About 4,500 of the 6,200 people live with host families or in their own apartments,” Gibel says.

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