Niko Uchiato revealed his father’s reaction when he started making money through Instagram


Nico Uchiato told what happened when he started charging on Instagram (It’s Not Too Late, Telefe)

With more than 2.4 million followers on Instagram, Niko Uchiato She became one of the most sought-after influencers in Argentina. The current driver was living a normal life until 2014 entered Fight, the reality show broadcast on El Nueve. From that moment, like all the participants of the program, he began to recruit fans on his social networks. And this soon became an important source of income for him.

The truth is that at that time, no one could have imagined how much money could be made just by posting a photo or video. To the extent that Niko himself began to market his publications when he did not yet have a savings account in the bank in which the corresponding payments could be deposited. That is why he asked his father, Antonioto give him a CBU and his account number so they can add his income there.

But of course, as the sums that went into his coffers were of increasing importance, Uchiato’s father became anxious. “They were my first goats, as Instagram wasn’t even that chic. It was time to fight and it wasn’t common to advertise on networks. I wasn’t used to it! And, Since I didn’t have a savings account or anything, I told my old man that they would deposit it. He says to me: Why? “Where to upload a picture?” To Instagram, Pennsylvania‘, he began to narrate Niko’s invitation to It’s not too late yetby Telefe.

Niko Uchiato in times of fight (Instagram)

Then he revealed his father’s suspicions: “One day he sat me down, without my mother being there, and said to me: ‘We have to talk, huh.’ I asked him ‘from what?’. And he said to me: I will not tell your mother anything, but you will make me a mess, the savings account is mine, and the account is mine … Son, for God’s sake! What are you doing? Where does this silver come from? “Instagram?,” I tell him. “No, the truth,” he told me.

It must be remembered that Nico met Flower Vigna In Combate and her flirtation with her, after many twists and turns, ended definitively a year and a half ago. However, the love between them remained the same, to the point that They will work together again last passengerAnd The entertainment program that will be shown for the first time on television this Sunday.

We have already worked with Fleur, But now we will do it from another emotional situation and the best as always. It is a pleasure to work with her‘, Uchiato pointed out when asked by intruders, American Show cycle. He explained that, although his ex-wife has already found love in my arms Luciano CastroThey have nothing to stop them from getting back on the bike ride like they did we have wifi by NetTV.

In another arrangement, although since his split from Vigna he has been linked to several women, Nico has claimed that he is without a partner today. “I’m single and I’m cool. I choose not to make my intimate life too public, because I feel calm. In an interview, he said, “I prefer to keep it to myself.” show partners, by ElTrece.

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