Man jailed for six months for luring teenage girl out of her underwear at Fermi


A man in his 30s has been jailed for six months after he grabbed a teenage girl by her underwear while she was talking to her friends during her lunch break from school in Fermoy, Co Cork.

Kamel Simcak, of Chapel Hill, Fermoy, Co Cork, appeared in the city’s local court yesterday where he pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a teenager at Chapel Hill Fermi on February 7.

Inspector Tony Sullivan told the court that the girl was on her lunch break from school with two of her friends at Chapel Hill in Fermoy when Simchak and another man approached them.

The two girls were turning their backs to the two men. The victim was shocked when the accused, 35, grabbed and pulled the top of her panties.

The incident was witnessed and the two men were confronted by a local teenager. The girl and her friend went back to school and the injured party cried in the toilet before telling her what had happened to her on her lunch break.

Defense attorney Kieran O’Keefe said his client was intoxicated at the time of the crime.

But he emphasized that it in no way excused the appalling and despicable behavior of an adult man against a teenage girl.

O’Keeffe said his client wanted to record “the deepest apology to the victim for any ordeal he had caused her by his actions.”

“He agrees that it was a wrong and horrible thing to do to a young girl – in fact, regardless of the victim’s age, it was a reprehensible act.”

He said his client has tried to address his alcohol and drug problems since he went into custody in connection with the crime on February 8.

O’Keefe said his client was aware of the seriousness of the crime.

“It was a terrifying experience for a little girl sitting with her friends at lunchtime in broad daylight at Fermi.”

‘horrific violation’

Detective Inspector Sullivan said Simcak had a total of 26 previous convictions for drug possession, burglary, assault and criminal damage. He pointed out that the defendants had never been convicted of sexual crimes.

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Judge Joanne Carroll read the teenage girl’s victim impact statement, after he woke up for 15 minutes to give the document serious attention.

“This was the sexual assault of a young schoolgirl outside with her friends at lunchtime–it was a shocking violation of her person–the defendant stole her right to be carefree, and in doing so, he wronged him very deeply,” she said.

Sullivan said Simcak had been released on bail at the time of the crime for the assault charge for which he was convicted and sentenced to 15 months in prison earlier this week at Cork Criminal Court.

Taking into account the guilty plea, Judge Carroll said the appropriate sentence was one of six months. The Polish national has spent three months in custody and the remaining three months in a row will continue with a 15-month sentence imposed on him this week at Cork Criminal Court.

Judge Carol also ordered Simcak’s name to be placed on the sex offender registry for 10 years, asserting that he had “made a horrible mistake on an innocent young girl.”

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