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Original title: G6 ushered in a major game on its own territory, minimizing mistakes is the warriors’ top priority

At 10 a.m. Game 6 of the Warriors and Grizzlies series will be played at the Chase Center. When the move to G2 and G3 was made, the two teams had three full days to adjust, and that kind of good thing is now over. There was only one day left for the warriors to think about and reshape their playing strategies.

In terms of injuries, Iguodala has no hope of returning in this round of the series, Otto Porter is currently in a doubtful condition due to foot pain, and this can only be done according to the specific injury situation before the start of the match, he made a decision. The same is true of Kerr, given the current situation, Brown is likely to continue playing the next game as the team’s acting head coach. If the series is pulled into the tiebreak, Kerr will have a real chance of making a comeback at that point.

Yesterday in Memphis, the Warriors suffered a humiliating defeat that we would prefer not to talk about in the future. However, before eliminating defeat in the toilet, Brown said, the warriors still had to learn from it and make targeted adjustments in the next game. After yesterday’s game, Green rushed to the hotel to record a podcast, which means the team’s previous game plan was for Morant and must now be tweaked. Now that the Grizzlies have played two games without Morant, it’s time for the coaching staff to come up with something real. Because at least in the last game, we didn’t see any effective changes.


When it comes to change, the first thing that can’t be avoided is mistakes. In G5 alone, in the first half of the game, the Warriors made 14 turns, giving the Grizzlies the most turnovers by half in the past 25 NBA playoffs, 25 points. The number of spins decreased in the second half, but the match was already overwhelmed.

Although the Warriors won the match at Chase Center in G4, they played quite passively in the first three quarters due to fouls. When talking about the warriors’ weaknesses, perhaps the first thing everyone thinks of is the sluggish heat in the opening stage. In this series, the Warriors scored 20-43 in the first three minutes of their five games, and 55-81 in the first six minutes. If you want to solve the problem of slow and negative start, the essence is to reduce errors in the opening stage. Trying to reduce the spin rate means giving the ball to the player with the most consistency, which means eliminating the green first.

It is undeniable that in the first round against the Nuggets, Green was an indispensable pillar on both ends of the Warriors’ attack and defense. The Warriors were able to eliminate the Nuggets 4-1 thanks to Green. But in the series against the Grizzlies, Green’s offensive performance was disastrous, with 28 assists and 20 turns in the first five games. He ranks third in assist-to-turn ratio among all players with no less than 20 assists in the conference semifinals. The last time the Warriors bled was Green’s three consecutive transformations at the end of the attack. Often when a teammate walks without the ball, he has no positioning advantage at all, and he has to push it into the hands of his teammates.

Obviously it’s impossible to expect Green to suddenly learn in the next game, because the Grizzlies also know how to restrict the green, which is to cut the scroll line, let you unlock it, and then go to 5-defense 4. Even if no one is about two meters away, Green still doesn’t look at the basket. But no matter how bad his condition is, Green is the current Warriors player with the best defensive and acclimatization capabilities in fourth and fifth. DNP warriors cannot. In fact, if you want to win, you have to rely on him to play better. However, when the coaching staff uses it, they can change their mind. When Green has a clear mind, he is not only the top 5 support in the league, but also the top 5 in screen quality selection.

What the Warriors would have to do is reduce his holdings and cards at the top of the arc as much as possible, give the ball to Paul and Curry, two players who are able to handle the ball, and launch attacks by capturing the top of the arc—and rolling further. Once Curry has drawn a double team and gives the ball to Green, let him deal with a 4v3 situation, not as a springboard to attack, but as a transition point for the ball, he will be more comfortable. Instead of just passing and cutting blindly, passing the ball for a pass, not passing 5 times in a round and not making a shot. There’s a reason more teams in the league are focusing on pick-and-roll, and there’s a reason the Warriors are giving up the pass and playing pick-and-roll at a critical moment. Since it hit the steel plate of the grizzly bear and cannot cut it, it is better to break it and stand up.

In the last game Curry was a historic goalkeeper, Paul was a rising star in the league, and his presence on the field was inferior to that of the Grizzlies’ reserve point guard, Teos Jones. A large part of the reason was that the tactical and green system took over because of the multiplayer rights. In the regular season it is understandable to play the pass and cut, and depending on the team, it is easier in the end. But in this life and death battle, it’s all about giving the ball to the superstar. Since Paul and Carrie didn’t play well and lost, everyone admits it, but because Greene made so many mistakes and lost more games, I can’t really swallow that breath. Just like the last Celtics game, how do you hand the ball to Smart twice at a crucial moment, leaving Brown and Tatum as the spectators? This is the bloody example.

In the regular season, Grizzlies are really strong without Morant. Can come to the semi-final stage of the Western Conference, most importantly the quality of the star. If Paul’s Sun standing in front of the Grizzlies today were the Bucks of Alphabet, Butler’s Heat, and Doncic’s Lone Ranger, everyone’s mouth would laugh obliquely. The team’s best players are standing here, and basketball has overshadowed the team. Paul, Alphabet or Butler, maybe four or five toys that can send Wumo Xiong home. But when it comes to the Warriors, Greene takes control of crime with one mistake, and the star runs off with him, clearly not the way to win.

back panel

Another big problem with losing Warriors is rebounding, in the first three matches, the Warriors were ahead of the Grizzlies in rebounding, interior offensive scoring and secondary offensive scoring. But in the past two games, the Warriors have been crushed by the Grizzlies with these numbers, and the reason is Adams. He started two games and earned 28 rebounds, including 12 offensive rebounds.

With regard to recoil protection, warriors have an inherent disadvantage in height. Even if Looney was on the court, relying on enthusiasm, it couldn’t be said that he could regain his rebounding advantage. After all, Adams is one of the best bouncers in the league. But the Five Little Warriors were successful because they were able to make the five traditional opponents pay for the attack in the past, and even Malone had to hide Jokic.

The defensive strategy of the Grizzlies is very evident when using the Adams and JJJ Twin Towers. Payne, Jones, and Brooks defend the wings and shrink the twin towers inside. In fact, this type of defensive strategy is quite strict. On the one hand, Adams’ single defense is pretty poor. In this year’s playoffs, when the opponent played Adams singles, the success rate was 75%. Against Adams’ defense, Edwards hit 4 of 5 shots and hit 80 percent; Townes hit 6 of 8 with 75 per cent. Timberwolves’ resolute and effective attack on Adams made Jenkins never dare to use Adams in the series again.

For Adams, since the scrolling and clipping path is stuck, picking higher might be the best option. It’s not that he climbed on the three-point line for pick-and-roll, but Curry launched a pick-and-roll as soon as the team crest appeared after carrying the ball over half of the field. One step behind the three-point streak, Curry’s space is very wide. If Adams defended, he pierced hard; Downsizing defense, mid-range and beyond the arc are all opportunities; If you double-join, the Warriors can play the best read ball and pass the ball, so that the Grizzlies don’t dare put Adams on the chief of court.

Lined up

In terms of lineup, the biggest mystery surrounding the Warriors’ starting lineup in the past two games is: Why did the Warriors decide so badly to start Kominga? Cuminga was originally put in Payton’s place because he wanted him to provide Morant’s defense and the ability to finish off the offensive end of the slash. But in the past two games, the starting line-up of the Warriors has been very ineffective, and although there is no direct relationship with Cominga, it is clear that the coaching staff has lost faith in Cominga. On the G4 and G5, he played Kuminga for 5 minutes and basically stopped using it. Kuminga got another chance to play late in the G5, also because the game entered garbage time.

The five-man team consisting of Curry, Thompson, Wiggins, Cominga, and Greene played a total of 18 minutes in this round of the series, with a net negative of 23 points, the Warriors’ worst five losses in this round of the series. group of people. If you don’t really want to use it, don’t use Kuminga in the opening scene. The next game, if Porter can give, then Porter’s start may be the best choice for the warriors. If he can’t play, using Poole to boost attack is an option, and using Looney to boost rebound is also routine, including Bjelica. Without the impulsive Morant threat, he might be a supporting player, three pointers, and a defensive player.. the best player in the entire game, and he’s also one of the starting options.

Finally, regarding the end of the attack, warriors must be firm, not hesitate to give chances, they cannot think about winning or be afraid of losing. Don’t worry about Thompson in this regard, especially Green, Poole, and Curry. Poole played very hesitantly in the last game, and when the chances were he had to make extra moves, he was very careful, and it was very different from the Poole we knew before. Same goes for Curry, who has to show the aggressiveness that dominated the game in the last quarter of G4. In addition, Green is also, the shot should be fired. If he fails to make a shot, he also has a chance to grab the rebound, and his teammates can completely undo. Pass the ball with force, everyone knows what you are going to do, and when you steal the ball, rush to counterattack.

“Whenever we hit the paint, Garen Jackson Jr. and Adams would come to hide, and the dream would be empty. The opposite arm was too long, and it was hard for the goalkeeper to pass the ball. You have to praise the opposite of the defense, because they will try so hard to get into the perimeter and block the shot.” ​​Brown said: One thing we have to do better is to move faster away from the ball, not go too deep, have to make an easy second pass, and most importantly, chase dreams have to be aggressive. When Adams is in the paint, he has to shoot boldly. He’s made us big shots before, and then he can keep making deliveries. The ball. (Sports Weekly)Go back to Soho, see more


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