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[Epoch Times ، 13 مايو 2022](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter, Ning Haizhong) The domestic epidemic is spreading in China, and the government is encouraging normalization under the zero-disposal policy.DNA amplification testThis has led to an increase in the demand for inspector positions. the name of the thingDNA sampling‘ very highsalaryAfter the treatment was recently revealed, heated discussions erupted on the Internet. The enormous benefits of DNA testing have been called into question as elites in the Chinese Communist Party have made a fortune by profiting from the pandemic.

The extremely high daily salary of DNA inspectors is exposed in mainland China

Based on mainland media reports such as Yicai, and other mainland media on May 12, from late April onwards, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places, there are a lot ofDNA amplification testrequirements, resulting in increased demand for labor.

Shanghai Securities’ Weekly Industry Report on May 9 was quoted by First Financial as saying that 10,000 free DNA sampling points have been set up in the Hangzhou district, and citizens are required to test for DNA every 48 hours. According to Hangzhou residents, about 1,200 people correspond to one test point. According to this ratio, considering only urban residents, at least 750,000 new test points will be added nationwide.DNA samplingAt least a million people.

Recently, the recruitment information for “DNA samplers”, “DNA detection and sampling nurses” and “DNA collectors” has been very extensive, and the treatment status has also been revealed.

According to the employment information of DNA collectors of a human resource company in Guangdong, they have a nurse qualification certificate and an electronic practice certificate and are aged between 18 and 35 years within the validity period, after receiving the third dose of the vaccine. Monthly salary of 10,000-15,000 yuan (RMB, the same below), signing the employment contract, including room and board, full attendance bonus, vacation benefits, “five insurances and one housing fund”, and accommodation and catering subsidies. The main business content is to collaborate with a street office or hospital to take DNA samples.

A medical investment management company in Shanghai also offered the “Nurses DNA Testing and Sampling” treatment, with a daily salary of 1,000 yuan, various bonuses, employee travel and stock options.

Shows up to the daily salary of 2000 yuansalarytreatment or treatment. A job advertisement that reads “COVID-19 Test Assistant Laboratory Workers Earn 1,500 Yuan per Day, Intermediate COVID-19 Test Technicians Earn 2,000 Yuan per Day” was posted online.

According to, it is suspected that the poster for this high-paid job is Shanghai Somin Medical Laboratory, where four positions are appointed: laboratory staff testing assistant, new crown testing laboratory staff, new crown testing laboratory staff, and new crown testing median daily salary ranges From 1,500 yuan to 2,000 yuan, it includes accommodation and board, and after 30 days, another 10,000 yuan will be rewarded.

However, if it is not a first-class city, most working days are less than 1,000 yuan, which seems to vary greatly.

It is reported that since the beginning of this year, most of the conditions for the appointment of sampling personnel from the DNA sampling point in various places is the payment of social insurance; Provide free business meals, and people from other cities can provide free lodging; purchase of exclusive epidemic protection insurance; Enjoy the high temperature fee and other related subsidies; (Negotiable). The number of recruits is more than 100 people.

Related news also sparked discussions on Weibo, with netizens replying, “Where can I register?” and “I’ll accept half the salary for a job as simple as stabbing the throat.” “An upstairs neighbor used to open a shop with his wife. During this time, I met him scanning the code at the DNA sampling point. Later, I couldn’t help but wonder how much his salary was. He said 400 a day… 400 per day in a small place. It is still very high, far above the average monthly salary of 3,000 yuan without overtime, which is enviable.” Some people said, I’m afraid it’s not that easy, in fact, it’s very stressful and may have the virus, actually not easy to earn, etc. wait.

Some netizens pointed out: “This is a business, not an epidemic prevention.” “DNA sampling is really good business now, and a large-scale internal circular economy.” Going into this industry will bring distorted prosperity on one side. “It can also be seen from the salary offered by the company, if it is not profitable, how can it be given such a high salary?” “One question is, who will provide the DNA for discovery of purchase orders.”

Behind the DNA test, senior figures in the Chinese Communist Party allegedly made a fortune by profiting from the epidemic

Some experts have pointed out that behind the DNA testing business, officials have exploited the pandemic to make money.

Li Hengqing, a US economist and chief auditor, told The Epoch Times on May 10 that expenditures for DNA testing were flowing from the national treasury into the pockets of the Chinese Communist Party elites. “The cost of DNA testing borne by the Chinese government is the government’s purchase. The money invested by the government has been taken by the genetic testing company, and behind the genetic testing agency are the white gloves of the CCP elite.”

An audio recording of a conversation allegedly attributed to Huang Wansheng, a researcher at Harvard Yensheng Institute, went viral on overseas Chinese websites and social media in February this year. This recording of a suspected private gathering said that behind Beijing authorities’ insistence on “removing” epidemic prevention, including white gloves and family members of senior officials, a company earned 670 billion yuan just by DNA testing. But this recording was neither recognized nor rejected by Huang Wansheng himself.

In Shanghai, where the lockdown has yet to be lifted, many citizens suspect there is something difficult behind repeated DNA tests by authorities. Some Shanghainese told NTDTV: “In a precautionary zone, you will not be allowed out of the community, and you will have DNA every day for eight days. Why? No tricks? What is the purpose of making this DNA?”

According to Shanghai official figures, from April 15 to 19, Shanghai completed a total of 37 million DNA tests.

On May 9, a meeting of the State Council indicated that major cities should set up DNA “sampling circuits” within a 15-minute walk.

Tao Chuan, chief macro analyst at Soochow Securities, recently published a research report. Based on the unit price of DNA testing in mainland China, it is estimated that if all first and second tier cities in China implement normal DNA testing, the monthly cost of DNA testing will be determined. It can reach 143.6 billion yuan, or about 1.72 trillion yuan per year, which is 1.5% of China’s nominal GDP in 2021 and 8.7% of public fiscal revenue, which is already higher than the 1.37 trillion yuan of military spending of the Communist Party of China. in 2021.

Current affairs commentator Tang Jingyuan told NTDTV on May 12 that although the essence of this measure is based on “clearing”, he also stressed that the CPC is well aware that the virus will coexist with humans for a long time, which is impossible. Really “clear”. However, the cost and high cost of setting up such a massive nationwide standardized detection system would have to be borne by the general public.

Current affairs commentator Wang He told The Epoch Times on May 10 that the CCP’s economy is on the verge of collapse under the influence of “dynamic clearing”. The economic collapse is a disaster for the country, the system and the general public, but for the CPC elites, it is a good opportunity to empty the treasury and drain the last bit of the people’s fat.

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