Duke Energy offers assistance programs for customers in need

As summer approaches, energy costs in homes across the Carolinas are expected to rise as customers attempt to beat the heat.

As summer approaches, energy costs in homes across the Carolinas are expected to rise as customers attempt to beat the heat.

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Duke Energyone of the region’s largest energy holding company that services approximately 8.2 million customers across the US, is offering income-based assistance programs to those who are inundated with high energy costs.

“With the price of everything going up right now, we want to relieve the impact on our customers as much as possible,” Larry Hatcher, senior vice president of customer experience and services, said in a statement. “We offer a variety of programs ranging from payment flexibility to financial assistance that will help our customers who may be grappling with higher bills.”

According to a news release from Duke Energy, the company has flexible installment plans and due date and disconnect date extensions available for customers who need some grace. But, in addition, Duke Energy also gives customers access to income-qualified programs.

“To help connect our customers in need of assistance, Duke Energy partners with community and state agencies to help those who qualify access Duke Energy and federally funded programs,” the company said in the assistance release.

One of these five programs could be what you’re looking for if you’re in need of assistance on utilities:

The Crisis Intervention Program

CIP is available throughout the year, not just when energy costs get high. This program offers assistance during heating-and-cooling-related crises, according to the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

The Weatherization Program

The Weatherization Program is an income-based assistance program that helps customers implement long-term solutions in the home, like weatherstipping and HVAC repairs.

The Helping Home Fund

Like the Weatherization Program, The Helping Home fund provides assessments of the home’s energy efficiency and helps implement improvements to the home, such as making up to $800 worth of repairs or replacing appliances.

The Neighborhood Energy Saver Program

This program also provides energy efficiency assessments of the home. Solutions offered to the customer through this program can lead to lower energy bills, according to Duke Energy.

The Duke Energy Share the Light Fund

This fund is contributed to by Duke Energy shareholders, company employees, and fellow customers and aims to assist qualifying households who are struggling to pay their energy bills. The Duke Energy Foundation contributions contributions made to the fund.

Eligibility for each of these programs depends on income in relation to federal poverty guidelines and which territory the customer resides in. Be sure to visit Duke Energy’s website for income-qualified services or call their customer care center at (800) 777-9898 to find out if you qualify.

Evan Santiago is a reporter for the Charlotte Observer writing for the publication’s Service Journalism Desk. He hails from New York City and is currently based in the Queen City where he works to help local readers navigate the challenges that come with daily life in the modern world.