“Dubai Digital” provides a package of charitable work services within the “Dubai Now” application


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Dubai Digital has announced the details of the charitable services it provides within the “Dubai Now” application, through which it aims to facilitate users’ charitable and humanitarian services in a smooth and fast manner and through a comprehensive application of government services that covers all aspects of people’s lives and provides them with more than 130 different services.

The list of charitable services on the “Dubai Now” application includes four services, including: breakfast for a fasting person, the campaign of one billion meals, and the payment of zakat, in addition to the Zakat al-Fitr service that users accept during the last days of the holy month of Ramadan. On the other hand, the application provides the Imsakiya service during the month of Ramadan and prayer times throughout the year, as well as a variety of other services.

Wissam Lootah, Executive Director of the Smart Dubai Government Corporation, stressed the authority’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that employ advanced technology to provide a comprehensive and integrated government services system that meets all the needs and aspirations of Dubai’s residents, in line with the emirate’s strategy to digitize life in all its aspects and to ensure the happiness and well-being of the Dubai community.

He explained: “Charity work and religious rites are an inherent part of the Emirati society, so it was important to keep pace with the requirements of these aspects and provide a solid base for doing them through the (Dubai Now) application, as it constitutes a unified source for reliable and safe Dubai government services, which allows millions of Muslims in The state can perform charitable work with ease and confidence, with full confidence that the trusts will reach their families and beneficiaries, and through their smart devices only, and without the need to visit any of the concerned service centers.”

As for the “Zakat Fund” service, users of the “Dubai Now” application can calculate the amount of Zakat and pay it directly through the application and in cooperation with the “Zakat Fund” in Dubai. As for the “Iftar fasting” service, the application enables users to donate an amount of money based on the number of The meals they choose, where meals will be provided to needy families, in partnership with the “Dar Al Ber” Association, and Dubai Digital is working with the Association on a campaign to enhance public and community participation in the “Iftar fasting” service.


The application provides the opportunity for users to participate in the “Billion Meals” initiative, by providing a donation service through the application, and contributing to the largest initiative in the region to provide food support for up to one billion meals to the poor in 50 countries around the world.

All individuals wishing to perform the services of a fasting person iftar, a billion meals, zakat and zakat al-Fitr services, can download the “Dubai Now” application available on the Apple and Google Play stores and do all these services with ease and ease from wherever they are.

The unified “Dubai Now” application provides the city with the services of more than 30 government and private agencies, amounting to more than 130 services and within 12 different categories: bills, mobile, vehicles, housing, residence, health, education, security, travel, and Islam. donations and public services.


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