Crossing he got with his rival’s brother and hard response: What Brian Castaño said before the fight with Charlo


The Argentine boxer recounted the position taken by the brother of the American boxer

It will be one of the fights of the year for world boxing. And much more for Argentine boxing. In a few hours, Brian Castano y Jeremy Charlotte They will fight for Unification of the world titles in the middleweight from World Boxing Organization (WBO), World Boxing Council (WBC), World Boxing Association (WBA), International Boxing Federation (IBF). The battle will take place in Karama Health Sports Park De Carson, Calif.

After equalizing the first showdown between the two, everything was match-ready again after the weightlifter. Both gave less than 69,853 kilogramsthe limit in the class, and although there were some exchanges of looks, the crossing after passing through the scale did not go through much of a shock.

Once the boxers retired, the speaker who spoke for Argentine TV was boxy. “Don’t worry, we fought well by weight, and we were working towards it. It just happened today and I put it on the scale,” the WBA belt champion said in an interview. TyC Sports.

When asked about the provocations he has been subjected to in the past few hours from the Charlo family, Castano recounted a particular duel he had with someone close to his rival in the ring. “Here, when we were inside waiting, the brother came over to play the bad guy. He looked at me up and down. He looked at me… the brother who doesn’t fight. It’s part of the show. We are happy here.”Brian explained.

The La Matanza native took advantage of the occasion to recount what it meant to train in Los Angeles for a rematch with the American boxer who scored 34 wins (18 by knockout), one loss and one draw. “One has to put things in order but the work is already done. We did a great job, we are looking forward to the next day“, She said.

Castañi and Charlo will seek to unite four belts in the super welterweight category (ShowtimeBoxing)

Immediately afterwards, he announced that he would seek to beat Charlo at the fast track before the end of the fight. “The work is done. We did a great job The only thing that will change is that we’ll kick him out before 12 (rounds)The Argentine was sentenced.

At the press conference before the weight, Castaño himself took it upon himself to point out his opponent and describe his family as rude. The atmosphere of tension already comes from the first fight when the cards showed a tie but with a referee that was very favorable to the local: 114-113 for the Argentine, the equalizer (114-114) and the hit 117. -111 for the chat.

“He is like that. He, his family, his people… they are all rude. I show myself as I am, really calm. I try to be as respectful as possible. In everyday life I am normal”Castaño was furious in an interview.

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