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Status: 05/15/2022 06:55 AM

The cable channel was also damaged in a fire on a bridge at Hamburg’s Sternschans train station on Thursday evening. The consequences of long-distance rail travel persist: there are still cancellations and delays.

Deutsche Bahn expects disruptions to long-distance traffic until late afternoon. The company informs On her website about current disabilities. Travelers should inquire there in advance about their connections.

My voice: Disruptions in the movement of trains until Sunday (1 minute)

Several ICE connections affected

According to Deutsche Bahn, several ICE lines have been affected. On the route Kiel / Lübeck – Hamburg – Hanover – Kassel – Wilhelmchuhe – Southern Germany, there are failures between Northern Germany and Hanover. ICE Kiel / Hamburg – Hannover – Frankfurt am Main / M – Stuttgart / Switzerland trains start and end in Hamburg. ICE trains Hamburg – Berlin – Erfurt – Munich run between Hamburg and Berlin every hour. ICE / IC / EC Hamburg – Bremen – Cologne – Southern Germany trains start/end at Hamburg-Harburg instead of Hamburg-Altona.

Other trains are affected as well, for example the EC trains Hamburg – Berlin – Dresden – Prague start/finish in Berlin. IC Hamburg – Denmark trains start/end at Hamburg-Altona. In this case, Deutsche Bahn recommends using the S-Bahn S1 and S3 lines between Altona and the main station and the S3, S31 or meter between the main station and Harburg. Local trains operate on the RE70 line between Altona and Kiel.

1000-wire copper cable is being repaired

Deutsche Bahn (DB) workers work on rails near the Sternschanze S-Bahn station at the site of the fire.  Because of the cable fire in Hamburg, long-distance traffic was severely affected.  © dpa Photo: Jonas Walzberg

Small fire, big impact: damage to the cable through which all connections run.

The cable fire was near the Sternschanze train station – on the so-called connecting train, which runs from Altona through Diebsteich, Sternschanze and Dammtor to the main station. It is one of the busiest roads nationwide. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but the police do not currently exercise outside influence. The railway said that the entire connection on this route between the signal boxes is through the affected cable. Points and signals will be controlled. According to a railway spokeswoman, the cable is a 1,000-wire copper cable. It will be very difficult to return. Intensive repair work continues.

Already on Friday many failures

There was already massive unrest on Friday. People were queuing at train stations in Hamburg, and long queues formed in front of information desks.

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