Anna Rosenfeld’s powerful response to her ex-husband’s version of her illness


Speech by Jose Henner, ex-husband of Anna Rosenfeld (Audio: Teleshow)

A few days ago in an intimate interview with Teleshow Anna Rosenfeld She spoke like never before about the reasons why she separated from her first husbands Joseph HennerA businessman ten years older than her: ‘I’ve been diagnosed to live for a year’, reassured the lawyer, who was about to turn 24 at the time. That news reshaped his way of thinking and how he wanted to live his life.

She also confirmed that she felt “alone” in the process. “I needed another kind of person by my side. Someone to me in a different way. If I were to build a family, I would need a stronger brace. I knew he would never be the man of my life.”about her ex-husband, who makes jeans and sourcing companies like Angelo Paolo, Mango, Stone, and Quarry.

In the memo, Rosenfeld accurately recounted the diagnosis that bothered her: “They discovered a tumor in the head of the right femur and the prognosis was pessimistic. In fact, there were failed x-rays indicating metastases.He pointed out that the specialist in charge of histopathology indicated that it was a benign tumor and that it needed surgery. Until then, she had to lie down for three months to be able to walk again with crutches.

Anna Rosenfeld and her first husband, Jose Henner

Before the start of rehabilitation, the lawyer decided to separate. “I didn’t feel escorted. I was the one who took care of my partner and not the other way around”. He decided to tell Henry over the phone and from his parents’ house, where he had returned to live. “I guess he never understood why I was determined. I didn’t finish explaining why very well. You will probably find out by watching this interviewHe said in the note on this site.

Read the interview given by Rosenfeld TV ShowAnd Joseph Henner Contact this medium to give a copy. “I searched for the best pathologist in Buenos Aires. The diagnosis was that it was a “benign non-invasive carcinoma.” It is recommended to scrape the bone and fill it with the femur. Such a malignant cancer is not left without other postoperative treatments such as radiation,” Henner continued.

With this diagnosis and the studies in his hands, the man remembered that he went to see his wife to tell her the news. “It’s cancer, it’s kind of an orthopedic intervention. Let’s call it somehow, benign cancer. Because this wasn’t a tumor. On the contrary, he ate the bone, which is unusual for a crab. If they tell him he has a year to live? of course not (Laughs sarcastically). When I brought her results after 48 hours so she could calm her down and prepare her for the procedure, I told her they were going to fill in that part. And they filled that part with bones, with his bones because he was small.”

Anna Rosenfeld and Jose Henner's divorce was one of the first in the country
Anna Rosenfeld and Jose Henner’s divorce was one of the first in the country

Haner confirmed that he transferred his work activity to accompany the lawyer in her health plan. “My ex at 60 days was already living a normal life. I never neglected her in this case and we were not divorced at the time. Two years passed and the reasons were completely different‘, he confirmed.

In the face of the uproar over his ex-lover’s words, Rosenfeld released a statement on his Instagram account. He mentioned the interview in this medium, highlighting the reference to it “Failed X-rays That Indicated Metastases”He explained his position. “This is the only truth! I lived it in the first person!! No one else!”Definitively through the lawyer.

Anna Rosenfeld released, referring to Teleshow's note
Anna Rosenfeld released, referring to Teleshow’s note

Anna Rosenfeld and Jose Henner were married for three years And since that conversation, 43 years ago, they have never seen each other again. Meanwhile, she stressed that the businessman was the first to call her when her husband died, Marcelo Fridlowskilast october. They later separated, when the law was passed in 1987. His case was one of the first to appear before the court after a heated debate that divided public opinion at the time.

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