Aldi and Lidl: The product exceeds the price limit that has never been seen before in discounts


Dairy products are becoming more expensive. This becomes especially evident when buying butter.

Dortmund – Products in supermarkets and discount discounts are becoming more expensive due to the war and inflation in Ukraine. Butter is also affected by higher prices, so that in some cases its cost is already more than 2 euros at the beginning of April. But prices keep going up.

the product ghee
the meaning Fat fat made from milk cream
manufacturing Mainly from cow’s milk

Aldi, Lidl and Edeka: the price of butter breaks the historical record

Like food newspaper Reports indicate that the price of German-branded butter is currently 2.29 per 250-gram package. This represents a price increase of 20 cents over the previous month.

Some branded butter products from grocery store Now even break the 3 euro mark. This should include items from major manufacturers such as Meggle, Weihenstephan and Kerrygold, which now sell for €3.19 to €3.39 – prices hardly anyone expected until recently. Other products are also currently driving customers to desperation – for example A Strange show in AldiHow do Heidelberg 24 mentioned.

But at the southern German butter and cheese exchange in Kempten there is talk of “normal demand” despite the high prices. The committee found that the new prices should not discourage consumers from buying packaged butter. Moreover Grain products are likely to become more expensive soonHow do mentioned.

Aldi, Lidl, Edica: Manufacturers don’t want to overburden consumers

Against the background of rising costs of energy and raw materials, a decrease in the price level is not expected at the moment. Thus dairy producers are increasing pressure on retailers to pass on increased cost to consumers in the form of higher prices.

This is what Heinrich Gruber ordered from the Gruber dairy factory in Egypt food newspaper Flexible solutions and contracts with periods shorter than three to four months. On the other hand, other manufacturers do not want to overburden their customers and instead want to save on their own costs, such as Berchtesgadener Land dairy products.

Butter is getting more expensive.

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At the same time, it is difficult to predict further developments. The market position is still classified as uncertain. The Commission said in April that it remains to be seen “how quickly or how quickly prices will rise in the future”.

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