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Amazon Fashion Sports Time Sale Festival x

On Amazon, Tomorrow, May 14 (Saturday) 9AM to 16(Mon) 23:59,”Fashion x festival selling time sportsTakes place. Recommended items for the season when sport is fun in temperate climates are available at bargain prices, and hundreds of millions of products target scoring opportunities.

■ Products to be offered for sale

On sale, from high-performance, on-trend apparel and footwear like Adidas and New Balance, training goods like six pads and trigger points, Arie’s outdoor skin-protecting UV gel, and sweat-resistant Mayberin cosmetics. In addition, there are a variety of items such as Meiji Zabas protein that make sports and training more enjoyable.

Other products scheduled to appear have already been introduced on the private siteSo, if you find the item you want, add it to your Wish List and you can easily buy it at the start of the sale. In addition, there are cases when the offered products are canceled or out of stock during the sale. Make sure the sale has already started before you buy.

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■ Bonus Points with Gift Certificate Fee

on amazon,A campaign that increases your points return rate by up to 2.5% when you ship a gift certificate from Amazonis performed. If an Amazon Prime member charges 90,000 yen or more in cash at a time, the points rate will be 2.5%, so the higher your wholesale fee, the better.

Amazon points can be used as 1 point = 1 yen. Let’s charge first before purchasing the product.

→ Click here to ship Amazon Gift Certificates

→ Click here to become an Amazon Prime member[إصدار تجريبي مجاني لمدة 30 يومًا]

■ Up to 10% point up campaign

In addition, according to this sale, if you order a total of 10,000 yen or more during the period, you can earn more points than usual,”Up to 10% campaign pointsis also done.

campaign pageAccess and press the login button to shopping appAsked ,Join Amazon PrimeAmazon MasterCardPoints award rate will increase with each use.

In addition, for items in the categories of clothing, shoes, bags, wallets, watches and jewelry, points will be exchanged for an additional 4%, giving you a chance to increase points by up to 10%. Be prepared not to miss this opportunity.

→ Up to 10% campaign entry point[أمازون]

→ Download the Amazon Shopping app

→ Click here to become an Amazon Prime member[إصدار تجريبي مجاني لمدة 30 يومًا]

→ Click here for new Amazon MasterCard members

In Sirabee, a tool that allows you to easily compare the price of sale items with the usual price to see if the price is really cheap.kibiaand a search option that does not display problematic markets in the search results.& emi = AN1VRQENFRJN5In the past, we have provided what we can do to avoid being harmed by some harmful business methods. I also want to point out this.

Amazon Selling Time FestivalFrom 9:00 AM on Saturday 14 May 2022 to 23:59 on Monday 16 May 2022. Let’s prepare well and enjoy shopping at a good price.

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