8-month-old dies with flu symptoms after receiving injection in SP hospital: ‘Can’t get away with it’, Family | Santos and the region


An eight-month-old baby died after receiving an injection. The family of Valentim Las Mazagao dos Santos transferred him to a health unit in Guaruja, on the coast of Sao Paulo, around 3 pm on Friday (13) with flu symptoms. After treatment, and he had already left, he began to feel ill. A medical team tried to resuscitate him, but was unsuccessful, and reported that death, around 17:00, occurred due to bronchospasm of sputum. [respirou a secreção e engasgou].

to me g 1The boy’s family said that Valentim had a “boring cough” and a little sputum, so he decided to take him to the Free Galvão Medical Center in Notre Dame Intermedica, located in the Vicente de Carvalho region.

The pediatrician who attended the child asked for an X-ray and indicated the medication with steroids. At the same time, the family was informed that Guaruja It does not have x-ray equipment, only the medical center in Santos, which is a neighboring city.

According to the family, the doctor insisted on putting medicine in her Guaruja And to be examined later. In view of this, Valentim received 100 mg of intramuscular hydrocortisone on the side of the thigh.

The child fainted in the waiting area of ​​the health unit, as the family was preparing to go home.

The child was immediately taken to the medical clinic, where a medical team attempted to resuscitate him for 30 minutes before intubating him. The child did not survive and died.

According to the family, the pediatrician reported that Valentim’s death occurred due to sputum contamination of the bronchi. “This cannot go unpunished. I know he won’t bring the baby back, but we can’t allow other families to experience this pain,” said Maddalena Mazagao, the child’s aunt.

The case was registered as a suspicious sudden death without a clear identifiable cause at the premises of the Police Station (DP) Guaruja On Friday night. They were at DP to testify for Valentine’s family and the health professionals involved in the care.


Valentine died at the age of 9 months – Photo: Personal Archive

In the accident report, a nursing technician working at the Frei Galvão Clinical Center in Notredame Intermédica reported that the child was attended by a pediatrician, who recommended the medication. He also said the dosage was administered by the pediatrician with the help of another local nurse.

According to the nursing technician, “the child was released and soon after came back ‘soft.’” Then the pediatrician began medical resuscitation procedures, but the child did not survive.

A medical surgeon working on the site as a general practitioner also testified before the police. She said she was seeing an adult patient when they called for emergency help with the baby. Therefore, according to the specialist, she was not aware of the baby’s first care, although she gave details of resuscitation procedures.

The doctor told police that the patient was in cardiac arrest, and that an oxygen-distribution massage and maneuver were performed. Explain that the patient was cyanotic [com partes do corpo azuladas ou acinzentadas] With health standards at low levels, the team intubated the baby.

According to the doctor, the child had a lot of secretions in his nose and mouth, which is why he was inhaling phlegm. She also said that the child was given central access, through which drugs and adrenaline are used.

The professional, in a police statement, said the team did everything that could have been done to save the child.

Frei Galvão Clinical Center of Notredame Intermédica in Vicente de Carvalho, in Guarujá – Photo: reproduction

A pediatrician who treated the patient, prescribed medication and assisted in his resuscitation process, was present in preparing the document, but preferred not to comment on the case before consulting a lawyer.

Notredame Intermedica responds. Check it out in full:

“The patient entered the unit with flu-like symptoms, and from respiratory discomfort, for treatment, hydrocortisone was placed after treatment, and the patient left the place for an X-ray. [exame de raios X]. The family returned 15 minutes later with the unconscious child. At that moment the child was taken to the emergency room and another doctor was called for support and all necessary procedures and protocols were implemented, but to no avail.”

The case was registered at the headquarters of the police station in Guaruja (SP) – Photo: Reproduction

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